Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Oyster mushrooms vs. Champignons

Which mushrooms you most like to use?
I somehow always come back to champignons and oyster mushrooms.
Although in this race oyster mushrooms always win.

Today I cooked them in combination with leek and brown rice, and with young beef.

It is necessary:
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Neutral cream
  • Leek
  • Brown rice
  • Pepper
  • Spices
  • Parsley
  • Young beef steaks
  • Olive oil

First, I added finely chopped leeks in heated olive oil, and then I added mushrooms and pepper. I don't cut mushrooms, just tear them lengthwise. If the handle is greater, I cut it off. When the liquid from mashrooms is evaporated, I added the rice and some water. I put three times more water than rice (one cup of rice - three cups of water). How much rice will you add I'll leave you to chose. As you like. Here, I added one and a half cup. Before that, I of course washed the rice. 
Then reduce the heat a little and let it simmer. When the water is almost all evaporated (if necessary, in the meantime, add more water; it is best to try whether the rice is cooked), add cream and spices. I have added about 200ml of cream. Another minute or two, and it is done.
Now... the meat!
Cut the beef into steaks and tanderize them with meat tanderizer. Season with salt and place them in a well-heated oil. Fry it on both sides, then reduce the heat, half cover the pot, and let the beef to be sauted.

This recipe can be modify on several ways. If you like champignons more, you can use them instead of oyster mushrooms. Then, the meat may be any other, and the rice need not be integral, of course.

What can I say, we enjoyed this lunch.
I hope you will too!
Until we meet again!

Yours M.

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