Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Working Out: The Beginig is The Hardest Thing

I'm a kind of person who likes activity.

I started with working out few years ago, and now, I'm addicted to it.

When I moved in this city, I stopped with training, and I don't know why.
There was no good reason for that. I think that I just have not been found my way in this city.
My job was far away, and I was spending much time on traveling. So, I was tired and I didn't have the will I guess.
I tried to practice at home, and I menaged, but it didn't last long.
Then, I got pregnant. Baby came... and eight months after that, I started with working out.
I have known a girl who is a trainer in nearby fitness center.
I revived!

Until than, I skipped a few trainings maybe, but that was unavoidably.
When I go to the training, I come home full of energy. It is fantastic feeling. I feel I can fly.
I can not imagine to stop with work out now. Especially because I spend a lot of time at home, alone with my baby, and I just need to relax and escape from reality for a while.
So, I just had to start!
That was the hardest thing, the begining!
Now, it is something just mine, and my way to survive in everyday.

So, don't think anymore, just do it!
Find your clothes for training, and go ahead!
You'll need the comfortable sneakers, and pants, leggings or shorts, and tops or T-shirts.
And one more thing, good will!!!

Have you ever had a similar problem with begining? Or do you have it now?
Write about it!

Yours M.


  1. I absolutely agree with you!


    1. I'm glad to hear that! It's always like that! Beginings are always hard...