Sunday, 26 October 2014

Preparing for parenting?!

How many times have you heard: "I'm not ready for a child" or "I'm not even able to look after myselves, let alone a child" or a similar phrase? Do you think that someone can prepare and be ready for the role of parents? The answer is a big NO!

Before I became a mother, I was convinced that I was more than ready for that big role. But when this little creature entered in my life, I realized that nobody can be prepared for that role in any way. This is something we feel for the first time, and there is no template or guide you can follow, to help you that everything be easier and clearer.
Then coming a bunch of questions, mostly those for which later you will think: "God, how I was stupid and clumsy." My favorite was - My baby is hiccupping - what should I do? You have to admit, it is a stupid question! Whom hiccups hurts? It will stops... :) Then, the eternal dilemma about the baby's stool color ...:) Not to mention the ever-present doubt if I do everything right!
Then start (and mostly still going :) ) chronic tiredness and sleeplessness. That is followed by the common nervousness, inevitable discussion with a partner (the one who says that there is no arguing, doesn't tell the truth, or there is something wrong :) ), because he also has no idea about anything and he is sleepy and tired, and wants to help but doesn't know how.
Then, concern about the returning your weight, OVERconcern of proper nutrition (not just because of yourselves but primarily because of the breastfeeding) and breastfeeding. 
And of course, unavoidable "well-meaning" comments and advices of some people you may have met a few times in your life. Not to mention the comments of passersby while you are walking with your baby, "See, the wind blows, she is still a little!", than, "It's sunny today, is she smeared with a cream? " and, of course, touching in the winter to ensure that you have dressed in tights to your child!!! This is just so, and everyone knows everything, and they think that they have a right!
It is hard!
But all these may or may not be quite so, because your baby is individual for itself, and its behavior is both unique and changeable, and will have many stages that will make that you have it too!
Well, now, honestly, can be anyone prepared for something like this?
Still, all this can not compare to the most magnificent feeling in the world, when you are everything to that little angel, and besides you your baby has no one. That little creature, that gives unconditional love just to you, is absolutely helpless without you. When your baby is scare at night, only you can calm it down, and when it is in pain, only you know how to relieve that pain. No words can describe the feeling when you get the first smile from your baby, just for you, and when the first tooth appears, and then when it starts to crawl, walk, run, then calls you mom for the first time and after that laugh at your reaction... 
There are so many moments that are priceless, and can not be describe, but are worth experiencing.
So, do not think if you are ready to have a baby, but be sure whether you have your person with whom you want to enter in this adventure, and go ahead!
It is an endless puzzle!

Yours M.

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