Friday, 31 October 2014

Tips to beat the flu and cough

It is the season of cold and flu.
Almost all my friends have a flu these days, and me and my daughter too. 
I will share with you two natural recepies to beat the flu and cough, which you can prepare on your own.

Ginger Drink - Ginger is a plant which you always should have in your kitchen. It has very good influence on human organism, but it is also nice as a spice. If you have flu or you feel a symptoms of cold or flu, you can use ginger to beat them. Grate the ginger (one tea spoon or two), and spill over it with the boiling water. Leave this for 10 minutes. You don't have to strain it, because the ginger will fall to the bottom of the cup, but you can if you want. You can add lemon or honey to this tea if you like. 

Drink with milk and sugar - If you have the pain in your throat, this is the great drink for you. Beside taste is great, your throat will be much better. Put some sugar in the pot, enough to cover the bottom, and some more. Heat the sugar until it melt and gets brown. Then pour the milk, about for two cups. Sugar will currently be hardened. Now cook it until the sugar is melted. That's it. You should drink it while it is hot. 

Take care of yourself!
If you try these recepies, inform me about it! 

Yours M.

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